It was the center of creation, the flame that lit the rising star. Until the day it burned out.

Among the scorched remains and snow covered ruins of a once great metropolis, the survivors of a collective known as West Camp brave the bitter cold, holed up in concrete rooms with soiled mattresses, searching for humanity by the light of communal fires, governed by the rules of an archaic truce. But as their food stores run low and signs of an advance by the mysterious, brutal East Camp begin to emerge, self-proclaimed leader Cyrus will make a decision that exposes the true nature of a dying people.

As the lone dissenter among a pack of the fearful, outcast Sam attempts to weave his way through the politics and violence threatening to engulf everything he knows, bound by loyalty to a young woman named Maria and her daughter, Jen. What follows is an eye-opening journey through the long-buried history of a dead city at the edge of the world where trust no longer exists and sacrifices must be made to serve a much greater purpose.