I believe it was the second grade, during those years when a child is first taught to put pencil-to-paper, that the class was tasked with writing a short book report no longer than a paragraph. My introduction was a half-page. It’s pretty much been that way ever since. I can still recall the teacher staring me down and shaking her head.

A lot of writers like to throw out a bunch of degrees and MBA’s and fellowships and years upon years of higher education at potential readers. It makes them seem more authentic, more knowledgeable. I’ve got two semesters of community college in my late twenties. I’ve been a member of the workforce since I was sixteen. And I’ve been writing creatively since about the second grade. There have been peaks and valleys, ups and downs, yins and yangs, suns and moons, some light and a whole lot of darkness to get to this point. Worth it.

Currently I reside somewhere in central North Carolina. Family is close, the weather is unpredictable, and I have a day job I really enjoy. My free time is spent between the pursuit of good literature and the consummation of good food.