And so it begins...

Everything in life really does seem to come full circle. I had a blog years ago that I updated regularly for about three or four months before I abandoned it completely. Its subject matter was all over the place which was in perfect sync with my mind. I wrote about my brother's wedding and my time on the jury of a federal criminal trial and the process of writing my first novel, among other things. There were funny pictures and clever quotes and even a book review.

It was all very obnoxious. Thankfully the only people who read it were family. They've been shaking their head at me for years, so it all came very natural to them.

Well, I'm back! And this time I have a reason for being here. The internet was struggling for a while, but things are about to pick up. Call it a feeling in the air.

I wrote a novel! And it's good! And I needed an "Author Website" to help interact with potential readers. I say "potential" because I don't have any at the moment.

But that’s alright. It’s a journey and good literature will always find an audience. In today’s world of social media, which I will admit is exhausting and aggravating, you’re never more than a click away from a new experience.

My aim is to be that experience.

This isn’t a test. This is not an experiment. I’m not going anywhere. I spend most of my days talking to myself, so I might as well jot some of it down somewhere. This seems like a good place. My intention is to update every Saturday.

What’s that? You don’t think I can do it?? You double-dog dare me???

You’re on, Internet!