New Year Ramblings

I’m back!

I guess. Feels good. Or maybe it will soon. Eventually. Hopefully. I don’t know.

It’s been awhile. The holidays passed and there was a lot of food and a lot of time off work and a lot of napping on the couch and absolutely no writing. I did read a cool little book called “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell. It was a gift from my brother. It takes a deep dive into the world of successful people and attempts to find out exactly why they are successful. Hint: it’s not because they’re smarter and more talented than everyone else. Those things are definitely aspects that helped push them along. But it mostly stems from placement and opportunity, being born into a certain time of the world and in a certain place and having chances that most others won’t have.

It was interesting. It really should be renamed to “Life Isn’t Fair: The Book.” However, you can’t deny that they took complete advantage of the opportunities given to them, regardless of how lucky they may have been to be born into a particular situation.

Football season also wrapped up. Thank God I got to see Brady win one more ring. There’s just no better feeling than to celebrate a relatively new year by watching Tom Brady play like ass and still win another championship. If I didn’t get to experience such a thing at least one more time in my life I may have just shit, I can tell you that. There were so many new and exciting things in the NFL this year. We could have seen Mahomes slinging it around in the Super Bowl. Or the old gunslinger, Rivers, maybe finally getting over the hump.

But nope! We got to see a backup from Michigan throw check-downs to a short white guy and an oafish bro with a duh face for three hours and walk away with another victory because Cooks couldn’t haul in two touchdown passes in the biggest game of the year. Thanks NFL! Thanks Rams! I’ll never get those three hours back!

At least the Saints were sitting at home. Couldn’t have happened to a better organization. Nobody likes your dirtbag, arrogant head coach or your dirtbag, cheap-ass team. You still had a lead after the blown call and you couldn’t hold on to it. You got the ball first in overtime and you turned it over. You lost. Get over it. Hopefully this drags into next season and completely sinks you from the beginning. Or maybe that mole on Bree’s face will finally completely takeover and give us our first real-life Bond villain.

Full disclosure: I’m a Panthers fan. If Cam had stayed healthy we would have rolled into the playoffs. Not saying we would have done anything. But the field would have looked a little different.

Anyway. I think I’m done rambling. For now. I’m starting back on the memoir soon. Keep you posted!